About Us

Robertson's Candy is the largest family owned hard-candy factory remaining in Nova Scotia. Our candy is made with the same traditional recipes and methods as when the company started.

The founder of Robertson's Candy, William C. Robertson, established the firm in Truro, NS during 1928. The company grew over time into a world class producer of fine quality hard candy that has captured the consumer with its remarkable taste. The business carried on under the care of William's son, Roy Robertson. Early in 2016, Roy sold to Paul and Leisa Furlong, ensuring it was still under the care of a Truro family.

As far back as 1880, Barley Toy candy has been produced in Atlantic Canada, however, it was only when Robertson's Candy was founded that this candy became a popular tradition at Christmas. Over the years, candy moulds have been accumulated to produce the popular shapes. Robertson's Candy is the proud owner of one of the largest collections of candy moulds in the world. Barley Toy candy is known by many different names including Animal candy, Toy candy, Shapes and Clear Toy candy. The candy makers at Robertson's Candy work hard to make sure that the candy is as clear as possible.

In addition to traditional Christmas candy, Robertson's now makes Natural treats. These treats combine the ultimate good taste that comes from using only Natural Flavourings and Colourings in the production process. This creates a quality hard candy for people with specific dietary requirements. They are gluten-free, peanut-free and an excellent choice for vegan diets. Instead of cane sugar, Natural treats are sweetened with maltose creating a mellow taste that's enjoyed by those who prefer a superior tasting, healthy treat.

Robertson's Candy is still located in Truro. They currently sell their product from coast to coast to coast. Our customers often ship our candy around the world to family members so that they might have a taste of home at Christmas.