Seasonal Candy

Summer Sweet & Sour

Just the candy you need to bring the taste of summer to you. A delectable mix of 10 flavours that will remind you of the days when you knew it was time to go home when the streetlights came on! Only available in summer. Get them online or in Truro MacQuarries or Masstown Market.

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Clear Toy Candy

Clear Toy is also known as Barley Toy candy. All of our Clear Toy is hand poured and packaged. Our Clear Toy artists take pride in producing only the clearest sweet treats possible. Surprise your children this Christmas with a clear toy treat! Comes in Red and Yellow. Some shapes come on sticks.

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Barley Toy Drops

Anyone can indulge the child inside. Our Barley Toy Drops are made with the same recipe as the Clear Toy but in a smaller size so that you can eat them anywhere.

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Chicken Bones

Traditional Maritime treat with a pink crunchy exterior and smooth creamy chocolate filling.

One is never enough!

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Big Uglee Mints

Named by Roy Robertson for it's shape and size. Guaranteed to melt in your mouth leaving a delicious minty taste.

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Old Fashioned Humbugs

A minty treat that's made in the good traditional way with all the original glory.

Robertson's Candy Store offers you the highest quality seasonal candy.

Next Holiday Season why not try a specialty treat that we are sure all your family will enjoy?

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