All of our natural candies are cooked in an open kettle for the fullest flavour possible. Made with natural colours & natural flavours; all ingredients are certified kosher, to give you the quality candy that you and your children deserve.

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Natural Fruit Assortment

Try our natural fruit assortment for a wide variety of flavours we're sure you will enjoy. Candies are individually wrapped.

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Natural Mint

Our flavourful natural mint flavoured candy for a great treat. The taste of mint, with all natural flavouring.

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Natural Licorice

An authentic natural licorice flavoured candy that is one of our customers' favourites.

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Natural Butterscotch

Try our delicious natural butterscotch flavoured candy for a soothing treat.

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Natural Mint Humbugs

Not only for Christmas, this delicious natural mint flavoured candy is sure to add a smile to your day.

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Natural Wintergreen

For a cool blast try our natural wintergreen flavoured candy to add a little excitement to your life.

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Natural Spearmint

Our natural spearmint flavoured candy tastes as refreshing as a summer breeze.

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Natural Humbugs

The traditional mint flavoured candy made with high quality, natural ingredients.

Natural Candy Facts

For a quality alternative treat and a great selection try our Natural Candy to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt!

Nutrition and Calories

No sugar cane added
Ingredients: High Maltose Syrup, Natural Flavouring, Natural Colouring, Citric acid (in fruit candies)  

Nutritional Information:

Energy...20.3 cal
Total Solids grams...5.7g
Saturated and Trans...0g
Vitamin A, C, Calcium, Iron...0g
Serving / 1 Candy / 7.0 gram.

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